Honduras - Finca Cerro Encantado

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Producer: Wedman Josué Turcios Medina

Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM
Region : Marcala, La Paz
Country : Honduras

Elevation : 1550 masl
Varietal : Red and Yellow Catuaí, Lempira
Process : Honey
Tasting Notes : With honey, sugarcane and fruity aromas, this coffee has flavour notes of "panela" (unrefined sugar), honey and sugarcane juice, a delicate acidity, round body and sweet, lasting aftertaste.


Originally from San José La Paz, Wedman is the son of coffee producers and farmers. Since he can remember, his father produced coffee until he emigrated to the USA in 1994. He is the oldest of 5 siblings and when his father left for the USA, he was left in charge of the farm. He completed his studies in agronomy and is a teacher at a school in Marcala.

Wedman is proud of his finca. It is intercropped with corn and beans, for family consumption, as well as fruit trees: plums, peaches, lemons and oranges. He has a small 0.7 hectare forest reserve called “La Esmeralda” (The Emerald) with sweetgum, pine and oak trees. He is proud of the wildlife at his farm including the more than 200 hanging nests of the Oropendola bird. He has one cow and makes artisanal cheese with its milk.

At the finca, there are a few small houses and a storage room. In times past, the coffee was depulped by hand, now it is done by a depulping machine. Wedman focuses on honey process coffees as he does not have water at the farm. He has two solar dryers and a patio where he dries coffee. In 2019 he submitted a sample of Pacamara natural process to the Denomination of Origin Marcala competition and received a phone call informing him he won first place! He is keen on continuing improving his cup quality.

Wedman is married and has two children, a 15 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter. He involves his kids in coffee production, at the farm as well as in the family run coffee roasting business, Elyas Coffee. His son manually packages the coffee and his daughter puts the labels on the bags. They sell their coffee in various cities in Honduras.