Politique d'expédition

When will my order from Bluebarn ship?

Roasting coffee is a labour of love. Orders placed Monday-Wednesday will be shipped to you directly from our roastery by Friday at the latest. Orders placed Thursday- Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Because we roast in small batches, sometimes coffee runs out before we can fill all orders. When this happens we try our very best to roast coffee to fill your order as quickly as possible. If any unforeseen circumstances arise, we will communicate with you directly. Depending on where you live, different shipping time(s) may apply according to our shipping partner, Canada Post


Does Bluebarn Ship Internationally?

Yes! We are able to ship to most locations in North America. If you live outside of North America and are interested in Bluebarn coffee, contact us at info@bluebarncoffee.com and we can provide you a quote for shipping cost to your location. We will organize shipping with either a provider we’re associated with or one of your preferred methods.


How does my subscription work?

Our e-commerce app will automatically charge your card on the same day it was purchased, and at the selected interval time. For example, if you purchased a Subscription on a Monday and selected 2 week shipping intervals, your card will be charged, and your order will be placed, every other Monday. Changes can be made to accommodate your delivery preferences within a reasonable window.


Can I put my subscription on hold? 

Yes! You can put a hold on your subscription at any time, for any length of time (e.g., holidays, etc.). Any changes made to subscriptions will be applied to the following subscription interval. Have any other requests? Send us an email at info@bluebarncoffee.com.


Can I buy a subscription as a gift for a friend or a family member?

Yes! All you have to do is input their address for delivery, place the order and that's it! We'll ship to the address you input in the order. You would be in charge or notifying us if they move, would like to stop or pause their order, or simply want to tweak their subscription to better fit their taste buds.