Trifecta Espresso

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We’ve always had the number three on our side here at Bluebarn, so it didn’t come as a real shock when, after countless espresso tasting sessions (and so many shots we could hear colour), we found our winning espresso in a blend of thirds. This blend changes with the seasons, and these days, it's made up of nearly equal parts Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan coffees.

Smooth and balanced, with fruity and floral notes, each component is roasted separately to bring out its unique characteristics before being blended. We can’t wait to wake up every morning and pull ourselves a shot. It’s killer any way you make it. From a ristretto to a latte, the fun part is deciding how to drink it. We roast this blend fresh in Wakefield, located just outside Ottawa. but that doesn't mean we've only got one blend; Check this one out!