Our story

Bluebarn Coffee Roasters is made up of a close-knit group of friends and family who came together in Wakefield, Québec to pursue a dream of making really, really good coffee. We built a barn (it’s really blue!) to house a coffee roaster and got to work.

We’ve always been obsessed with coffee, and we believe that every cup should be the best it can possibly be. This is what drives us to create roasts that we ourselves love, that bring out the nuanced flavours and aromas unique to each region, each lot, each coffee bean.

Our modus operandi is to work hard, have fun, and share our friendly vibe with the coffee-loving community. We believe in fostering strong, equitable relationships with those who work tirelessly at every stage of the farm-to-barn process in our quest for the perfect cup.

This quest starts with our commitment to uncompromising quality in the selection of exclusively specialty-grade green coffee. It then flows into the care we put into developing our roasts – a blend of artisanal ardor and shamelessly nerdy attention to detail. It continues with our dedication to providing you with an outstanding brew by partnering with professionals who share our passion for great coffee, and by giving you the proper tools to make killer coffee at home. The quest, though, it never ends.

love + coffee