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Direct sourced, fair priced.

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Fiercely independent

Our small team is intensely passionate about the coffee industry. We pair ethics, design and technology to ensure our growing partners thrive. We hope that when you choose coffee you think of the bigger picture, just like we do.

that's Bluebarn

Just tried the Colombian. It has been a very long time since I have had such a smooth tasting coffee, that is bursting with wonderful flavour. A must try! #Bluebarnobsessed.

Get the beans mailed to me to enjoy in my own home! Freshly ground coffee everytime!

Best coffee

Celine Audette

J'ai gouté le Colombia Los Naranjosde San Augustin. Délicieux! Très doux.

Ghyslain Cyr

Some coffee we're really excited about.

Here's some coffee we're really excited for you to try! We've got lots more, but we think these ones are really special right now.

Here's some featured picks

We'll change these up from time to time. For now here's some of that good stuff.

How about something different

Cascara is the lesser known ivy league sibling. Coffee beans are grown inside a cherry, and cascara is the name of that outer husk! It can be brewed in a delicious tea, rivaling hibiscus. We've got some, and would love for you to try it. 

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