Théodore Ortega

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have met Teo and to count him as one of our closest partners. Teo is a fifth generation coffee producer, and has one of the most amazing and beautiful coffee farms we’ve ever visited. His great-great-grandfather was a German engineer who first set foot in Guatemala tasked with establishing the Panama Railway that was snaking its way through Central America. After completing his life’s work, he found his way back to Sierras de las Minas, where he established his farm in the mountains. It's hard to imagine what life there could’ve been like back a century ago, as this place still feels so remote and detached from the hustle and bustle that glistens in the valley below. The farm is dotted with avocado, mango, and a variety of nut producing trees.

We drop by Teo’s farm a few times every year, and never miss an opportunity to visit with him. His wealth of knowledge about all aspects of coffee farming and production is unmatched and we always leave inspired by his passion, dedication and attention to details. Whether we’re riding trucks or ATVs through the farm, measuring ripeness of his various lots, or just lounging in his kitchen or on the back porch sipping a fine rum, it’s never without plenty of deep-belly laughs and always followed by a nice meal to end the day.