Erney Salinas

Finca Vereda El Vergel 

There are many Colombian coffee legends. Erney is definitely one of them. He’s cool, calm and filled with stories, and heck, you know when someone starts talking coffee, we’ll listen intently. He showed us groves of Castillo plants covered in eggplant shaders, really cool to see the variety of shades this man brings to his operation. In addition to giving his coffee plants perfect shade, it gives us a moment to take it easy and step outside the sun.

There’s an incredible amount of knowledge that gets passed down from farmer to farmer, generation to generation. Erney is at heart a listener, a planner and an individual who genuinely wants to see the export power of Colombian coffee given back to the bespoke producers that make up their co-op.

He knows it takes thoughtful partnerships with caring roasters to make a pivotal change to the industry. His ideas for macerations and naturals are straight out of our wish lists. We’re really excited to see what this man produces and we’ll always be ready to roast whatever he’s got! 


Makes a pretty mean roast chicken too.

Thanks Erney!