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What is specialty coffee?

Unlike some terms that are liberally applied to consumables, such as gourmet or premium, the word ‘specialty’ is a quantifiable distinction. It is a very specific designation given to a coffee that is based on the overall quality of the beans. This standardized grading system also places considerable importance on the unique characteristics of various origins, influenced by such factors as soil, varietal, and elevation, to name a few. Specialty classification is determined by a licensed Q-grader or certified coffee taster, and is based on a visual inspection of the beans as well as a tasting, or cupping, as it is more commonly called, of roasted and brewed coffee. Visual inspection involves looking for defects such as black or broken beans, bits of cherry, and insect damage, to name a few. Cupping involves brewing roasted coffee and using the grader’s trained palate to evaluate different attributes of the coffee, such as acidity, aroma, body, etc. We take great care to source only the best specialty coffee available. We're constantly cupping coffee here at Bluebarn to ensure that the coffee you’re getting is not only of the highest quality, but tastes amazing as well.


How often do you roast? When is my coffee shipped? Will my coffee be fresh?

We roast  on Mondays and Thursdays, and ship within 24 hours. We even flush our coffee bags with inert nitrogen to limit oxidation and maximize freshness.  Coffee best consumed within two weeks after opening, and we strongly recommend storing it in an airtight container.