Honduras - Finca Los Naranjos

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Producer: Luis Bartolo Diaz López

Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM
Region : Rancho Carrizal (village), San Sebastián (municipality), Lempira (state)
Country : Honduras

Elevation : 1530 masl
Varietal : Red Paca, Lempira, IHCAFE90
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : With a sweet floral aroma of mandarine, this coffee has flavour notes of peach, mandarin and blackberry, a delicate, bright acidity, a creamy body and a lasting aftertaste.


Luis Bartolo started his journey in coffee at the age of fifteen, after he traveled from Rancho Carrizal, Lempira to Ocotepeque to work as a day laborer on several coffee farms. Everything he learned was by sight and after gaining some experience he started wondering if coffee would be suitable to plant in his town. After several years in Ocotepeque, Luis Bartolo decided to go back to his town, bringing with him coffee seeds to make his own coffee nursery. Once he established his farm, he added more varieties and kept expanding it.

Currently, Luis Bartolo owns a 4.9 hectare property of which 1.4 hectares are planted with coffee. He processes the cherries in a small mill he owns and performs the fermentation in a small concrete tank for around 12 hours. Thanks to money he has saved from every harvest, he was able to build the house where he lives today and hopes that he can continue improving his quality of life and eventually buy more land to continue increasing his production volume.