Ethical? Now we're talking

Here at Bluebarn, we believe in the ethical sourcing of our coffee beans through Direct Trade with our producers, whom we take great care to visit regularly. They are usually quite happy to be able to put faces on us and to show us the fruit of their labour themselves. If unfortunately, we can't directly collaborate with them, we alternatively work with partners who are committed to paying fair prices, far above the market average for the best coffee beans. In short, we are often asked if we are "Fair Trade". Although we have a lot of respect for this approach that however mainly benefits producers capable of buying this certification, we are quite happy to be able to really help all of our friends in a concrete and comprehensive manner.

In other words, we strive for "Direct Trade". We wish to go beyond the standards that have been established by the Fair Trade model. We believe we can make a bigger difference by adopting a direct approach, where transparency is our priority. What flows from Direct Trade is the construction of closer long-term relationships with our producers. By developing friendships, through regular visits, we succeed in cultivating real partnerships built on trust, with shared values and ethics that benefit everyone, which are central to our respective businesses. We also take great care to develop collaborations with producers who prioritize community building, as well as responsible farming practices. In turn, we make sure to offer them premium prices, greater than what they will otherwise receive on the Fair Trade market, permitting them to reinvest into their communities and processes