Bluebarn Coffee Roasters believes in ethical sourcing of our green coffee, through Direct Trade, or through partners who are committed to paying fair prices that are far above market average for the best quality green coffees. We are often asked if we are Fair Trade. We respect the Fair Trade movement for not only being committed to the economical and social welfare of coffee growing communities, but also for bringing awareness to issues of price fairness within the broader coffee-drinking community. At Bluebarn, we strive to go beyond what has been established by the Fair Trade model and think we can make a bigger difference by adopting a Direct Trade model and by making transparency a priority. Direct Trade means that we are building long-term relationships with our green coffee producers by getting to know the farmers, visiting the farms, and coming to a mutual understanding of the values and ethics that are central to our respective businesses, in order to forge partnerships that are built on trust. We take great care to partner with producers who prioritize community building as well as sustainable and ethical farming practices, and in turn we offer them premium specialty prices greater than they would otherwise receive, even on the Fair Trade market.