Papua New Guinea - Kunjin

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Coffee first came to Papua New Guinea from the famed Blue Mountain region of Jamaica about a century ago, and the result has been a thriving coffee industry, known for being a touch on the wilder side, flavour-wise. This coffee hails from various smallholder farmers pooling their harvests at Kunjin, a central mill located deep in the the Wahgi Valley, in the Western Highlands. It is a fine portrayal of typical PNG wildness, with its bright acidity and smokey sweetness. Notes of cedar and lemon drops are present in the cup, along with a tangy apple-ness that reminds us of stumbling across an apple orchard on a mid-summer walk along the banks of the St-Lawrence.

Wahgi Valley
Various Small Holders
Altitude 1400 - 1800 m Cultivar Blue Mountain, Arusha, San Ramon
Process Fully Washed Tasting Notes
Lemon Drops, Cedar, Tangy Apple