Nyeri Gatugi Peaberry

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The coffee-growing regions of Kenya are known around the world for the high quality of their coffees. Recognized for its cooperative system, consisting mainly of small farms, the Kenyan coffee trade generally passes through its national auction system. But direct trade also remains possible.

Since the goal of Bluebarn is always to go on the grounds, we decided, while we wait to travel to Kenya, to work with the country’s excellent cooperatives, to go all in and get fair trade coffees of very high quality, at better prices than the highest auction bids.

Our choice was thus set on two coffees nicknamed “peaberry”. In general, coffee cherries contain two seeds called “beans”. Peaberries are seeds that have developed into a single bean at the heart of the coffee cherry. And what generous hearts! Coming from the Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative Society (not Ottawa, but almost!), founded in the 1950s on mountains near the wonderful Ichamama River, these two coffees are the Nyeri from Gatugi and the Nyeri from Ichamama.

The Nyeri from Gatugi particularly seduced us with its notes of blueberry, whose tangy side marries wonderfully with its crème brulée flavour. Very smooth and fruity, with a cupping score of 91.2 out of 100, reflecting its subtle balance, Nyeri Gatugi’s peaberry is a perfect example of Kenya’s best coffees! And we've roasted it fresh for you Canada!