Finca Los Pinos

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Roast profile : LIGHT
Producer : Yaqueline Hernandez
Farm : Finca Los Pinos
Region : La Argentina, Huila
Country :Colombia

Elevation : 1800m
Varietal : Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : Candied Fruit, Almond, Cake


Nestled in the pines, there's a farm owned and operated by the wonderful Yaqueline Hernandez. We had the incredible opportunity to visit her in late 2019 and what an incredible person she is. We're always excited to try coffee from anywhere in the world, and in this case we were over the moon for Yaqueline’s coffee. Her micro-lot is something straight out of our dreams. Its high elevation gives incredible complexity, and the classic cultivars give it familiarity. With notes of Candied Fruit, Almonds and Cake this coffee tastes like a celebration every time we brew it. We roasted it! Now come try this freshly roasted coffee!

Did we mention that this gal is quietly building an incredible co-op of farmers who all produce amazing coffees? We're excited for this partnership and we hope you are too, so grab your cup and let's brew! Need some gear? We recommend this one in the fancy Chemex!

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