Ethiopia Kebele Gotiti

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Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM
Region : Kebele Gotiti, Yirga Cheffe, Gediyo
Country : Ethiopia

Elevation : 1800-2000 masl
Varietal : Heirloom cultivars
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : Rock candy, Sugar cane soda, jasmine, and a sweet citrus note


The Banko Gotiti wet mill is located in a town ("kebele") of  the same name within the district of Yirgacheffe. This mill buys from around 700 local farmers in kebele Gotiti, most with 1 - 2 hectares of coffee planted near their homes. In comparison to any other coffee region in the world, the coffee in Gotiti is grown at very high altitudes, ranging from 1800 to 2000+ meters above sea level. Higher altitude imparts greater density, sweetness and acidity, and also can impact on the size of the bean (usually on the smaller size). As a washed coffee, the coffee is delivered as whole cherries, where it is graded by hand before processing, then stripped of the outer layer of fruit, and moved to fermentation tanks to break down the sticky mucilage, and washed after 36 to 48 hours. The coffee is dried on raised drying beds for two weeks and sorted again after dry-milling in order to identify any additional defects that were missed at the drying beds.