Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

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Add 1 litre of boiling water to 25g and let rest for 10-15 minute stirring occasionally. Longer steeping time makes a sweeter (and colder) drink. 

For the traditional Yemeni drink Qishr (Arabic: قشر‎ geshir, gishr, kishr), simply add 2 teaspoons of grated ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon before you steep. You can adjust proportions to taste. The drink is usually served with lots of sugar but it's delicious on its own! 



A little more info about cascara:

It’s often forgotten, but coffee is fundamentally a delicious fruit! It is, in fact, a small red cherry, sometimes orange or yellow, that grows on a shrub in elevated plantations throughout the equator. Cultivated mostly by small producers, often families, the coffee cherry is harvested at the height of its maturity, at its juiciest and sweetest point.

In short, the coffee beans that you buy that we methodically roast fresh to make your morning coffee are actually the seeds of this fruit! Whose pulp has been removed before being exported raw to countries where they are then roasted and brewed into your favorite beverage. Here at Bluebarn however, we decided not only to import the beans, but also the coffee cherries! We brought this delicious treat from Guatemala, and landed it here in Wakefield! Got a friend who's on the forefront of flavors and tastes somewhere in Canada? We got you covered!

Named Cascara (from the word “husk” in Spanish), our high quality cherries are dried and prepared by none other than Luis Pedro Zelaya, one of Guatemala’s most respected coffee producers. Filled with antioxidants, Cascara is usually appreciated as a delicate infusion, just like a delicious wild berry tea. But it can also be savored in itself or in a variety of other ways, like in your cereals, in your cakes and even as syrup or a soda! Come and get it while you can! While you're at it grab a Chemex to brew it in!

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