Rwanda Nyamasheke Gatare

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Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM
Region : Gatare, Nyamasheke
Country : Rwanda

Elevation : 1800 masl
Varietal : Bourbon
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : Orange Spiced Tea, Clove, Raisin


The Gatare cherry collection site and wet mill gets its name from the Commune Gatare where it is located, in the Western province Kayanza. Dating back to 2003, the Gatare coffee washing station is one of the oldest in Rwanda. Gatare town sits at 1800 meters above sea level, but the surrounding hills where the coffee is grown, stretch upwards of 200 additional meters. The coffee is depulped to remove the cherry skin and most of the fruit, and then the coffee is "dry fermented", which means that it is fermenting the coffee seeds with their sticky fruit mucilage layer, without the addition of water. The coffee seeds are then soaked in clean water and agitated to remove the remaining fruit, and dried on raised drying beds for up to 2 weeks.