Finca El Aragon

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Roast profile : MEDIUM
Producer : Linda Baca
Farm : Finca El Aragon
Region : Copan, Santa Anita, Ocotepeque
Country : Honduras

Elevation : 1300m
Varietal : Catuai, Parainema, Icatu
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : Gingerbread, Abricot, Marrons


As we do every year, we went to Central America early in the summer of 2018 to visit our friends and coffee producers. We also took the opportunity that year to discover new coffees with unique flavours, on new absolutely dazzling terroirs. Wishing to visit Honduras for a long time already for its extraordinary coffees, we didn’t hesitate to drive a few more hours through the Central Cordillera to go to the city of La Labor, in the valley of Sensenti, to visit the incredible Cocafelol cooperative. In addition to the warm welcome and exceptional quality of their coffees, one of the things that impressed us the most at Cocafelol is the fearless women’s cooperative, which runs the Amprocal organization with cutting efficiency.
At the scene of their operation, we had the chance to visit all the stages of the transformation of their coffee, from its arrival to the farm to the cups of coffee they prepared for us in their small new super charming café. The tasting session we participated in, back at the Cocafelol cupping lab, only confirmed our foretaste. In truth, the coffee of Licda Baca absolutely bewitched us. Succulent and honeyed at the same time and of a fascinating complexity, her coffee perfectly embodies all the hard work and love we had the chance to witness at Amprocal! We love roasting this coffee fresh in Wakefield, even our close neighbors in Ottawa can smell it! We can't wait for you to try it!