Entre Robles - Honduras

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Like every year, we went to Central America early in the summer of 2018 to visit our friends and coffee producers. We also took the opportunity that year to discover new coffees with unique flavours, on new absolutely dazzling terroirs. Wishing to visit Honduras for a long time already for its extraordinary coffees, we didn’t hesitate to drive a few more hours through the Central Cordillera to go to the city of La Labor, in the valley of Sensenti, to visit the incredible Cocafelol cooperative. First welcomed with the truly touching warmth of Central America, the people of Cocafelol then quickly embarked us in their 4x4 on winding mountain roads, to reach the hidden valley of El Paraíso. El Paraíso, as the name suggests in Spanish, is literally a paradise on Earth. There, we met with Renán Barturo and what can we say of his farm! Nicknamed Entre Robles, it looked like an actual enchanted forest, with its long moss nets, called "Filles de l’air" in French, growing out of every tree in his plantation. Not to mention, of course, his amazing coffee that we were able to taste on the spot, in his family home. We were so excited to bring this coffee back to Canada and roast it fresh for you. In short, we are pretty sure that its delicate flavours, with its dreamy smoothness, will delight you and transport you back to the enchanted farm of our dear Renán! 

This one is Freshly roasted and ready for you to try Ottawa.